calendar May 24, 2023 in News

Summer Kindling Faith Opportunities

Kindling Faith offers something for almost everyone in its summer offerings.

Partners for Sacred Places is offering a special seminar from June 22-24 on the Philadelphia campus for those church leaders who are shepherding their congregations through transitions of every sort:

The Lutheran Settlement House is leading our Summer Ministry Institute on the Gettysburg Campus, July 16-21. This program is entitled “Creating Sanctuary—Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence.” Learn more about the program here:

Theological Education for Adults is being held on the Gettysburg campus July 23-28. Dr. Emlyn Ott from Healthy Congregations will be working with participants under the theme of  “The Challenges of Ministry in Such a Time as This.” This is an excellent opportunity for both lay and rostered leaders:

Theological Education for Youth is also being held on the Gettysburg campus July 23-28. Deacon Chelle Huth and Pastor Bryan Penman team up with Dr. Teresa Smallwood to help teens find their heart for advocacy. Generation Z has much to teach us about the theology of justice. Think of some young people in your congregation who are paying attention  to the cry of the marginalized. This program is for them:

Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate. It’s no secret that Deacons and Pastors have experienced a panoply of challenges in the past five years. This program on the Gettysburg campus July 30 – August 4th. Here’s the schedule: 3 meals a day, morning Bible Study, and 4 pm Happy Hour with… well… Come and be spoiled.