Luther Quotes and Timeline

Selected Luther Quotes


Here is a sampling of Martin Luther quotes on a variety of subjects.


When we are in the pulpit, we should nurse people and give them milk to drink; for a new church is growing up daily which needs to know the first principles.  W-T 3, No. 3421

To preach long is no art; but to preach and to teach right and well, hoc opus, hic labor est (this is work, here is labor). W-T 3, No. 3419


“Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain you; He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”(Ps. 55:22) We should indeed work, but we should let God have the care. After all, our worrying gets us nowhere. Meanwhile, we might have done much good, but our care has kept us from it. (W 48, 268)

Why are we so vexed by thoughts, seeing that the future is not in our power for one moment? Let us, then, be satisfied with the present and commit ourselves to the hand of God, who alone knows and controls the past and the future. W 20, 121. SL 5, 1487)


A new miracle deserves a new song, thanksgiving, and preaching. The new miracle is that God through His Son has parted the read Red, Dead Sea and has redeemed us from the real Pharaoh, Satan. This is singing a new song, that is, the holy Gospel, and thanking God for it. God help us to do so. Amen. W 48, 85f SL 9, 1795

Music is God’s greatest gift. It has often so stimulated and stirred me that I felt the desire to preach. W-T 4, No. 4441


Would you see the holy Christian church painted in living color… and put into one little picture? Then pick up the Psalter, and you have a fine, bright, pure mirror that will show you…your true self, God himself and all creatures.  (Preface to the Psalms)

The Book of Psalms could well be called a “little Bible” since it contains, set out in the briefest and most beautiful form, all that’s to be found in the whole Bible, a book of good examples from among the whole of Christendom and from among the saints, in order that those who could not read the whole Bible through would have almost the whole of it in summary form. (Preface to the Psalms)



Important Events in Luther’s Life

1483 Luther born in Eisleben (November 10)
1501 Luther begins study at University of Erfurt
1505 Enters Augustinian monastery at Erfurt
1507 Ordained priest
1512 Luther receives doctorate in Theology
1514 Becomes priest of Wittenberg’s City Church
1517 October 31- Posts 95 Theses on the castle church door
1520 Luther burns bull and canon law with students (December 10)
1521 Arrives at Diet of Worms (April 16)
1521 Kidnapped by Frederick, taken to Wartburg Castle (May 4)
1525 Bondage of the Will and Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Peasants
1525 Luther marries Katarina von Bora
1529 Bondage of the Will and Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Peasants
1530 Augsburg Confession (Melanchthon)
1534 First Edition of complete German Bible
1536 Wittenberg Concord
1543 On The Jews and Their Lies
1546 Death of Luther in Eisleben on February 18

Interactive Reformation Timeline

Concordia Seminary in St. Louis has created a web site for the Quincentenary of the Reformation.  The site has many features and much information.  One the nice features is the interactive Reformation Timeline.  God for quick research, good for leads for further research. Visit: