This is a Part Time job in at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Media, PA

Posted On: February 10, 2021

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Job Description

Supervision: Pastor Alina Gayeuski and designated ministry leaders

• Be a current college student enrolled in a college or university
• Complete all required criminal background checks and clearances as per Pennsylvania state law
• Follow all COVID-19 protocols at Reformation
• Have access to transportation
• Have the ability to work on some projects remotely
• Have an interest in working in this congregation and a willingness to support its mission
• Have a strong faith commitment and an ability to share faith with others
• Have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team setting
• Not a member of Reformation Lutheran Church, Media
• Preference will be given to students engaged in religious life, social ministries, education, justice, advocacy, or other related fields

• Learn about the administrative work of a congregation
• Participate and lead in programs of the congregation – in education, service, and worship
• Work with individuals of different ages and abilities
• Have individual supervision and discernment with congregational leadership
• Work in an area of special interest to the intern

• Help to grow summer education, service, and other programs of the congregation (such as Vacation Bible School, Youth Summer Service Days, Art in the Heart of Worship)
• Work to further the congregation’s engagement in the local community through connecting to local organizations
• Attend staff, council, and ministry team meetings as needed
• Assist with administrative tasks
• Assist called staff of the congregation with pastoral and programmatic responsibilities
• Provide support for the congregation through technology

Length of Internship and Hours:
• 10 weeks during the summer months
• The internship will begin by the end of May (actual start date to be determined by the intern’s availability at the conclusion of the semester)
• 20-25 hours per week, sometimes including Sunday worship

Time Off:
• The intern must complete 10 weeks at Reformation, if a week off is needed during the summer, the intern is responsible for making the request for time off and will need to extend their time by the amount of time off taken.
• Interns may take up to one week off during the summer
• Time off is unpaid
• Pastor Alina and designated ministry leaders should be notified of time off at the time of the internship position is offered
• $250 per week/$2500 per summer (no additional reimbursement for travel or housing)

Summer Internship Position Description and Application 2021

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