This is a Part Time job in at Redemption Lutheran Church and Nursery School, Philadelphia

Posted On: May 17, 2021

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Job Description

Position Start Date – June 28 2021

Job Description: This part-time, salaried position supports the mission of the congregation and nursery school by providing regular cleaning of the church building.

Minimum Qualifications: Employee must have a HS diploma/GED and 2 years experience in a similar position.

General Duties:
1. Empties trash throughout building including the nursery school
2. Brings trash to curb for pick-up every Friday
3. Thoroughly cleans and stocks bathrooms. (includes cleaning sinks toilets, mirrors and floors. Restocking toilet paper, paper towels and soap.)
4. Notifies parish administrator when supplies are needed.
5. Vacuums all carpets areas 1x per week in areas outside of nursery school. 3x per week or as needed for Nursery School.
6. Sweeps and mops all non-carpeted areas 2x per week or as needed. (this includes all stairs and stairwells.)
7. Cleans all window sills throughout the building 1x per month
8. Shampoos rugs in nursery school 2x per year or as needed and requested by Nursery School director. Waxes floors 2x per year in conjunction with shampooing.
9. Clean all window areas, including wiping down all blinds 1x month.
10. Clean and wipe down radiators in Nursery School rooms and hallways 1x month or as needed.
11. Wipe down pews in the sanctuary 4x a year or as needed.

Other duties may be assigned in cooperation with Church council, the Pastor, or Nursery School Director.

Hours: 20 hrs/week year round, schedule is mostly chosen by employee in conjunction with the Pastor and Nursery School director. Hours are documented via a sign in/out given to Parish Administrator each month. Any change in hours should be arranged with Council/Pastor. A rough schedule will be given to church council 1x year.

Supervision: The sexton reports to the Council/Pastor. Sexton will meet with the Council/Pastor a minimum of 1x a year for review. The Nursery School Director will be included in that meeting.

Benefits: 10 days off to be used as the employee deems fit (arranged and notified to the Pastor and Nursery School Director). 1 week notice is required. Paid Holidays coinciding with the closure of Nursery School and church office as noted below.

Paid Holidays: New Years Day, M.L. King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and the day following Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve day, Christmas Day.

Salary: $12,500 annual salary – This Salary is effective July 1, 2021-June 30 2022

Medical: A doctor’s certificate evidencing a negative PPD (tuberculosis) test is required at the beginning of employment, not required after the first year.

Criminal Clearance: All employees of this congregation are required to have a criminal background check and a child abuse clearance fo the PA state police every 5 years (or as the law dictates). Cost of those clearances will be paid by the church.

Sickness: The general policy of this congregation is that salary is not affected by the occasional, short term illness. Employee should notify the Pastor and Nursery School director when illness requires time off. Compensation for longer term illness or disability will be negotiated as needed by all parties.

Termination: The employee will be given warning if not fulfilling duties and given an appropriate amount of time to adjust performance. Following that warning, if there is no improvement or willingness to adjust, employee will be given 2 week notice of termination.

Unemployment: Because Redemption Lutheran Church and Nursery School is a 501c3 non-profit organization, we do not participate in federal or state unemployment programs so the employee understands they will not qualify for such programs if their employment is ended.

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