Evangelical Outreach

Developing and supporting new mission congregations, Transformational Ministry and leadership and Evangelism

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod has a long history as a “mission synod,” with an emphasis on planting, revitalizing and transforming the Church. That focus continues into the 21st Century, because with declining church participation and an increasingly diverse and young population, the entire five-county area is a “mission field.”

Evangelical Outreach encompasses a variety of ministries that focus on developing discipleship and passionate spirituality among Lutherans and sharing the Gospel with our neighbors. Ministries include:

  • Developing and supporting new mission congregations
  • Transformational ministry and leadership
  • Evangelism

Plant and revitalize the Church

Together we plant and nurture new congregations and tend to the healthy revitalization of existing churches.

Church planting — With the support of the national church we start new ministries to reach underserved populations and minister to the diverse cultural groups God has blessed us with in the five-county Philadelphia area. Among our mission fields under development are four churches serving African nationals. In recent years congregations serving the Deaf, African-Americans, Latinos, and growing suburban areas have been started.

Transformational Ministry – We are developing a strategy and a Transformational Ministry Team to build our capacity for resilience and healthy change in order to help at-risk congregations turn around and to help healthy congregations stay that way.

Equipping events

Each year we bring in thought-provoking speakers and practitioners to help our congregations and leaders keep their eyes on the horizon of our changing culture and context for ministry. Recent speakers have included Phyllis Tickle, Jay Gamelin, Brian McLaren, Dave Daubert, Nate Frambach, and Stephen Bouman as well as local practitioners.


Courtney Smith

Interim Coordinator for Evangelical Outreach and Youth, Young Adult and Spiritual Formation

Courtney assists Pastor Davenport and Evangelical Outreach teams and supports youth and young adult programs with a focus on events.

  • Phone: 267.323.3752
  • Email: csmith@sepa.org

The Rev. Patricia Davenport

Director for Evangelical Mission

Pastor Pat Davenport works with new mission congregations as the deployed Director for Evangelical Mission for our synod, working with new church plants as well as redevelopment and congregational revitalization, evangelism, and transformational ministry.

  • Phone: 267.323.3746
  • Email: pdavenport@sepa.org

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