"Activated by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we equip the saints and congregations for the work of ministry, for the building up of the body of Christ." -- Synod Purpose Statement

Core functions of the Synod’s ministry are carried out by Synod staff, deans, and key volunteers.

Communications/Mission Interpretation tells the story of our shared ministry and partnership in many media, including e-mail news, this website and social media. Communications networks the congregational staff and volunteers who perform communications tasks through a resource and support network on Facebook and in person.

Evangelical Outreach, headed by our Synod’s director for evangelical mission, develops and supports new mission starts, and coordinates the Transformational Ministry program that helps revitalize congregations.

The Finance and Development office manages the Synod’s funds and expenditures; works with a Stewardship team to encourage Partnership Support from congregations; and raises funds from individual donors, granting agencies and other sources to solidify financial support for the Synod.

Global Vision supports our Synod’s companionship relationship with the North East Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania and the Sebastian Kolowe Memorial University (SEKOMU) there, as well as other international endeavors with the ELCA.

Vocations and Leadership manages the candidacy process that identifies, supports and forms those preparing for public leadership in the church as well as the mobility process that matches congregations with clergy and professional leaders.

Youth Ministry supports congregations in their work of reaching out to youth and young adults. There is a support and learning network open to all congregational youth workers, and this team organizes Synod-wide events and service opportunities for youth, including the Senior and Junior High Youth Gatherings (SHYG and JYG), Helping Hands Day, and mission trips.