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Hunger Leaders’ Legislative Lunch and Learn

From Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania:

Dear Pennsylvania Hunger Leader,

Thank you for the work you do to feed the hungry in body and spirit, as we have been fed by Christ.

We know that although the sense of urgency created by the pandemic has passed, the hunger crisis is not over. In fact, with federal emergency SNAP allotments ending this month, we are likely to see a dramatic uptick in need at our feeding ministries.

I’d like to begin our regular hunger team convenings with a Legislative Lunch and Learn organized by the Pa. Hunger Action Coalition —  an opportunity to have lunch with your lawmakers in the Capitol, where you and they can learn together about hunger in Pennsylvania and our response to it.  My hope is that this will also be a public witness and help build a good relationship between our ministries and our policymakers — one of trust across which our advocacy for the common good might flourish.

I hope you can join us from 11-1 on Tuesday, Feb. 28, in the Capitol.  If you are interested in coming OR simply inviting your lawmakers to come, please send a note ASAP with LL&L in the subject line to  You will receive a follow-up email with more details.  (Because the PA House is still not quite organized — you may have noticed the leadership battle — we cannot pin things down. The date itself MAY change, but we are working with the Hunger Caucus to secure a space from which we won’t be bumped.)

LAMPa is willing to help with travel expenses, especially to encourage you to accompany someone who has experienced food insecurity and with whom you have been in relationship in your ministry.

Because Lutherans are known for their hunger ministries, LAMPa is helping to lead this event. I look forward to the opportunity to advocate for our hungry neighbors in person as church together!

Yours in Christ,
P.S. We would love for every state lawmaker to receive an invitation from a Lutheran constituent. If you know someone else who should receive this invitation, please forward — and let us know to add them to the hunger leaders list.
*Thanks to Lower Susquehanna Synod — with acknowledgement that I took creative license with their awesome ministry tag line.
Tracey DePasquale


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