Vitality Awareness Event

United Lutheran Seminary - Philadelphia 7301 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Join members of the Vitality Team on Saturday November 9th at the Philadelphia Campus of United Lutheran Seminary for a day of Vitality Awareness. During the day we will help raise awareness for ministries efforts that matter in helping to transform your congregation into a vital ministry in your community. This day is for both […]


Staying Mission-Focused Despite Transitional Moments

Join Rev. Dr. William Flippin Jr., Director of Evangelical Missions for an online training event that will equip congregations and faith leaders on how to stay mission-focused despite transitional moments and unexpected changes. The webinar takes place on Wednesday August 12 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST and will explore how communities of faith […]

Addiction & Race: Generations of Trauma

Addiction and drug policy in America are inextricably linked to race. In this seminar, we’ll dive into the dynamics of racial injustice, trauma, and oppression that contribute to addiction rates. We’ll also look at    the ongoing racial disparities in policing and incarceration that perpetuate inequality and fail to address the root causes of addiction […]

One Year Changed: Faith in Pandemic

We have been leading, parenting, learning, working, neighboring, and simply existing within a global health crisis for over a year. It has changed the way we live our lives, the ways we connect meaningfully with one another, and perhaps it has also changed our faith.  In this evening virtual retreat format, gather with other people […]

Providing Emotional Spiritual Care in Disasters

Disasters come to us in many forms: natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, industrial accidents, or biological disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic. And some, sadly, are human caused, such as a mass shooting or bombing. However they come, being present and providing emotional spiritual care for survivors in times of a disaster is […]

Book Signing: Parsonage: A Memoir of Shelter and Sharing by Shannon Almquist

Chadwick's Restaurant and Bar 2750 Egypt Road, Audubon, PA

Who lives in the Parsonage? An immigrant family? A runaway teen? An abused mom? A homesick Ethiopian? A kindergarten foster child? They all do! This is the story of sheltering and sharing life in a church parsonage. Sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious, always meaningful, the author describes life with her pastor husband and two children, as […]