Parish Musician

Job Posted On: April 4, 2018

The role of the Parish Musician is to enhance the worship life of the congregation through their musical gifts. The Parish Musician is to develop and execute ministries which utilize the musical gifts and assets of the membership of Christ Lutheran Church Niantic to meet the worship needs of the congregation and the broader community.  These goals are achieved through relationship building, communication, discernment, project management, and administrative skills to ensure that the music ministries of this congregation effectively and relevantly reflect God’s love.

Education Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED (Required)

Certification and Licensure Requirements

  • FBI Criminal Background Check
  • PA Child Abuse Background Check

Experience and Skills

  • Prefer 4-5 years of experience organ/piano/keyboard
  • Proficient productivity software skills
  • Has strong verbal, written and social media communications skills.
  • Possesses excellent interpersonal skills and develops working relationships with staff and congregants.
  • Maintains confidentiality.

Organizational Expectations

  • Has COMMITMENT TO CHRISTIAN MINISTRY (a) Engages on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level (b) Seeks to share God’s love in all interactions (c) Seeks every opportunity to enable others to deepen their relationship with God and to live out their baptism.
  • Is a strong COMMUNICATOR (a) shares information openly, (b) Effectively gives and receives constructive feedback.
  • ACHIEVES GOALS (a) Sets reasonable, challenging goals in conjunction with supervisor that may be reflected in a list of responsibilities (b) Holds self accountable
  • Is a true INNOVATOR (a) Seeks creative ways to solve problems (b)Turns mistakes into learning experiences (c) challenges the status quo appropriately
  • Serves as a RESOURCEFUL LEADER: (a) Uses time effectively and respects the time of others (b) Demonstrates the ability to ‘shift gears’ quickly.
  • Is TEAM ORIENTED: (a) Supports a work environment that fosters mutual respect and trust (b) Supports a culture of team work (c) fully communicates business issues.
  • Consistently ATTENDS meetings (a) attends staff meetings (b) meets with supervisor on a regular basis.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop a music program that promotes the mission and goals of the congregation.
  • Plan and coordinate the music program, providing leadership and resource to any other directors active in the program.
  • Assist in the planning of worship and other musical activities in the congregation.
  • Coordinate all choirs and ensembles participation in worship.
  • Educate and train all musicians in music programming; recruit and facilitate participation from all age groups within the congregation.


  • Pay is hourly
  • 15 hours a week on average for the year


  • Four weeks paid vacation
  • Funds for continuing education events

List of tasks

  • Conduct or facilitate rehearsals for all musical groups and performers.
  • Make available new resources and ideas to program participants.
  • Work with Pastor and Worship and Music Committee for short and long-term planning.
  • Submit the annual budget requirements for the music program and the expenditures of the approved budget.
  • Purchase music and instruments as needed and within budget.
  • Maintain music library and supervise maintenance of all instruments (organ, piano, synthesizer, handbells, etc.)
  • Participate with the church staff, Pastor, and other leaders in facilitating congregational goals, assuming responsibility for tasks as mutually agreed with the Pastor.
  • Attendance at regular staff meetings.






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