calendar October 25, 2023 in Congregations

Depolarization: An Interactive Workshop for Disciples in a Democracy

Virtual on November 8

Across the church, we encounter longing for an end to division and hear yearning in the honest question: How do we respond to people who believe (fill in the blank)? One year from the 2024 election and just weeks from Thanksgiving, when many of us will gather at tables with family members we may feel we no longer know, this question takes on deeper urgency.

In this interactive workshop, Silas Kulkarni, ELCA Director of Strategy and Advocacy, will give an introduction to the who, why, and how of depolarization work, particularly in the context of faith-based advocacy. As Christians, we are called by Jesus to love our enemies and to do the work of justice. Sometimes these two calls can seem like they are in tension, if not outright opposition.  Focusing on the use of tools and trainings from the depolarization organization, Braver Angels (, Kulkarni will introduce a model for loving engagement across ideological and cultural divides, that neither precludes passionate advocacy, nor requires taking a “middle of the road” position. He will also point to opportunities and resources for learning more and continuing beyond this introductory session.

The event is a partnership of LAMPa and United Lutheran Seminary. Each session is stand-alone. These sessions will *not* be recorded. More Information here. Register here.