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As the highly contagious Delta and other variants speed across the U.S., increasing vaccination numbers locally protects our communities. Right now the majority of hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID occur in people who are not vaccinated. Children who cannot be vaccinated yet and immunocompromised patients for whom the vaccines are less effective are at riskLove your neighbor. Love your family. Take your shot.

Church leaders (rostered and lay): You are trusted voices for people in your congregations and in your neighborhood. Please continue to share the following key points to encourage people to get vaccinated and stay protected.

  • First, share your own vaccination story — when and why you chose to get the shot(s).
  • Vaccines used in the U.S. have proved to be quite safe and very effective.
  • Vaccines are available locally, for free. Some areas, including Philadelphia, offer incentives to get vaccinated.
  • Vaccines so far appear to be effective even against the Delta variant. 
  • If sufficient people are not vaccinated, which will limit spread, the risk is that new variants will develop which will not be stopped by current vaccines.
  • People who are not vaccinated in areas with low vaccination rates are being affected by the Delta variant, which is widespread in the U.S. (10x more contagious than the original strain we experienced last year). They are more likely to get severe illness, be hospitalized, and even die. 
  • People who are vulnerable are not just those who choose for themselves not to get vaccinated. Persons who are immunocompromised may have no antibodies even after getting the vaccine. Many children cannot yet be vaccinated. Vaccination protects all of them, not just yourself.

Update: A previous version of this page incorrectly stated the vaccine rate for Philadelphia County. According to the city Health Department, 73% of adults in the city have received at least one dose. In the interest of keeping this page up-to-date, we have replaced listing these ever changing numbers with this link to and to the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker.

Vaccine Encouragement from Faith Leaders

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Use these resources to help spread the word among your congregation.

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From the CDC:

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Created July 8, 2021 and updated July 20, 2021 by Bob Fisher