calendar November 7, 2018 in Communications

2019 Compensation Guidelines Published

New compensation guidelines for rostered ministers are now available online. These Rostered Ministry Compensation Guidelines are written to assist the members of your congregation in determining fair compensation for pastors and deacons. A compensation package includes, but is not limited to, salary, housing allowance, medical and other benefits, social security offsets and pension contributions. These guidelines are separated into sections for pastors and deacons.

As with all matters, the consideration of the issue of rostered ministry compensation should be entered into prayerfully and in recognition of many factors. As rostered ministers are expected to care for members of the church, part of the ministry of the laity includes care for the needs of the pastor and other rostered ministers who serve.

This manual is a resource to assist congregations and rostered ministers in conducting an annual review and determining a compensation package; pension and other benefits; agreements relative to time off for continuing education, vacation, holidays, and sick leave; and appropriate reimbursement for professional expenses. We also hope this manual will assist congregations in their budget planning process, and in the process of annually reviewing mission and ministry goals.