Director of Music Ministries

This is a Part Time job in at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Souderton

Posted On: June 21, 2019

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Job Description

The Director of Music Ministries will direct and support the various music programs of the congregation. He or she will also provide opportunities for increased leadership, planning, support, and involvement of all people in the worship life of our congregation. The Director of Music Ministries is responsible for advising and providing guidance to all facets of the Music and Worship program at Emmanuel.

Position Responsibilities

The Director of Music Ministries will work with the Pastor and the Worship and Music Committee in developing and supporting the Music programs for the Church.

Recurring Duties

1. Provide music and leadership for Sunday worship services, appropriate for use in the liturgical Lutheran worship service.

a. Work with the Pastor and Worship and Music Committee to choose hymns and worship settings for use in the services corresponding to the various church seasons and special emphases.

b. Provide music and leadership for additional worship services including, but not limited to: Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, midweek Lent, Holy Week, Thanksgiving Eve, and the Lutheran Community at Telford.

c. Work with Pastor, Worship and Music Committee, and others to offer additional and alternative worship and music opportunities.

2. Direct the choirs of Emmanuel. Plan choral anthems and accompany the groups during rehearsals and worship services. Inspire people to join various choirs and be able to teach and train voices.

3. Coordinate additional musicians to enhance the worship service (e.g. Instrumental, vocal, or any combination thereof).

4. Coordinate all choirs, cantors, and assisting ministers in matters concerning worship and music, including the teaching and rehearsing thereof.

5. Coordinate with staff and volunteers in matters concerning lighting, sound, and building needs to support music

6. Work with Pastor to plan the worship services and submit to the Parish Assistant hymns, liturgical settings, titles of anthems and other needed information for the inclusion in the worship bulletin no later than Wednesday of each week, or 4 days prior to special services.

7. Care and organize the congregation’s music library, its instruments, and other assets which support the music programs. Arrange for appropriate maintenance and tuning of instruments.

8. Submit reports to Council, Worship and Music Committee, Pastor and Congregation as requested.

9. Purchase music assets and services with regard to Emmanuel’s budget guidelines.

10. Other music and worship related duties as assigned.

Event-Related Duties

1. Provide music for weddings and funerals held within the church. If unavailable, then the Director shall make arrangements for a substitute musician. The Director or the substitute musician will be compensated for services rendered by the families requesting these services.

2. Availability for other events as requested.

Professional Development

1. This position shall be allowed to use church facilities for private rehearsals and music lessons. However, the use of the facilities must be scheduled in advance and approved by the Worship and Music Committee. Any private use is pre-empted by congregational needs.

2. The Director of Music Ministries shall be encouraged to remain current on issues and topics related to sacred music, particularly Lutheran music and worship. Participation in staff development opportunities and reimbursement shall be approved by the Church Council upon the recommendation of the Worship and Music Committee.

Conditions of Employment-Job Requirements

1. The Director of Music reports directly to the Pastor with “dotted line” responsibility to Worship and Music Committee, and to Church Council.

2. Participation in Worship and Music Committee and other ad-hoc committees.

3. It is also expected that he/she maintain an open, cooperative, and professional relationship with the church staff and congregational members.

4. The Director of Music is a part time employee of Emmanuel Lutheran Church. Expected hours to be worked are 20 hours per week.


1. A seasoned and experienced music professional who demonstrates proficiency in playing keyboard, leading vocal groups, and employs creativity in worship.

2. A versatile musician, competent in a wide range of musical styles, and capable of supporting expansion and alternative worship formats.

3. Strong interpersonal skills. Able to collaborate with various individuals and groups and inspire growth in musical skills in others.

4. Demonstrated ability to teach vocal and instrumental music.

5. Strong leadership skills needed to coordinate a diverse music program.

Salary: $15,000 to $17,000/year

Emmanuel Lutheran Church
69 West Broad St.
Souderton, PA 18964


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