January 26, 2017

Generosity Stories Contest – Win $500

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The Synod Stewardship Team is asking you to tell us how generosity has brought positive change to your congregation through its Generosity Stories Video Contest. Short (two-minute) videos will have an opportunity to win a $500 grant for your congregation to hold a stewardship event or a free consultation from the stewardship team. Deadline is March 27. Read on for more details.


What? – Make a video (2 minute maximum) about an example of Congregational Generosity or Individual Generosity within the congregation and how it brought significant positive change to your congregation.  This could be an individual’s “growth-in-giving” moment that changed their attitude about generosity; a congregational program or event that had a significant impact on the congregation’s attitude about generosity; or a synod/ELCA program or event that had a significant impact on the congregational attitude about generosity.

Who? – Any individual or group within a congregation can create and produce the video

Prizes? –  First prize will be a $500 grant to the congregation to provide a stewardship enrichment opportunity/event for the congregation and a free stewardship consultation for the congregation.

Second prize – a free stewardship consultation for the congregation.

Why?  –The Synod Stewardship team believes we have significant examples of generosity in our congregations that, if shared, could spark the joy of generosity – just as St. Paul shared the story of the generosity of the Macedonian church with the church in Corinth (II Cor. 8 and 9)

When? – Videos must be submitted to the synod office by March 27, 2017.  Post them to YouTube or Vimeo (both free) and send the links to djackson@sepa.org

Note – we must have a release form for each person who appears in the video (Download the release form here). These can be mailed to the synod office, ATT: D Jackson or faxed to 267.323.3777.

Questions:  Pat Davenport 267.323.3737 or Larry Smoose 610.256.6273